Former manager of Borderline Books. When she hired Bernice as an employee, Bernice began working with Zane, one of the supervisors of Borderline. Eiffel became very jealous of their relationship and even threatened to fire them if they continued seeing each other. Bernice initially suspected Eiffel of trying to seduce Zane (when actually she might have been interested in Bernice). Eiffel often interrupted Bernice's tasks by making bring her lattes, whether it was to keep her away from Zane, or just to heap pointless busywork on her. For firing Zane, Bernice developed a very rebellious attitude, which led to Eiffel increasing her potential threats, until Borderline CEOJim Hernandez, who knew Zane very well, arranged to transfer Eiffel to the new bookstore inTokyo, Japan as a means of retaliation for the treatment of her employees, and for the sexual harassment policies she violated.
First Appearance: 1/24/2002
Last Appearance: 6/22/2002
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