Tiffany's best friend though not exactly an antagonist. Crystal wears Goth makeup and clothing, almost the exact opposite of the upbeat, trendy fashion of Tiffany. In October 2000, she and Knute seemed to share mutual affection, but they deny it due to how different their personalities are. However, there are hints of lingering affection between them. She has a handicapped brother named Josh, who looks up to Zane as a mentor. She and Bernice formed a rivalry for Zane's affection, similar to the rivalry between Luann and Tiffany. When Zane began mentoring her brother Josh, she developed a crush on him. During this time, she attempted to occupy as much of Zane's free time as possible leaving him none to spend with Bernice, which added to Bernice's insecurity at the time. She is not quite as underhanded as Tiffany and rarely takes part in Tiffany's schemes, though she usually provides support for them. In an 8-16-03 strip she is shown with a star tattoo on her back.
First Appearance: 7/12/2000