Foreign exchange student from Spain. When he is introduced, a thief tried to steal Delta's purse, but when he made a run for it, Miguel tripped him, stopping him from escaping, which immediately won the affections of Delta. When he began his first day at school, Luann, Delta, and Tiffany all competed for Miguel. Although Miguel loved all three of them, he liked Luann the most, finding her "plain, ordinary" personality much more interesting. When Delta was diagnosed with cancer, Miguel stood by her side most of the time she had to be in the hospital, and gave her a lot of attention, much to Luann's jealousy. To Luann, Miguel was very romantic and gorgeous, but much too pushy. This led to on-and-off romantic interests between him and Luann. He once saved Tiffany's life by performing CPR after she almost drowned in the pool. She showered him with attention, until she used him to steal Gunther's test paper so she could copy the answers. She got caught in the act and charmed Miguel into taking the blame, and claiming he stole it so she could get the answers, even though he had been tricked into it. Despite being betrayed, Miguel took the blame for it and chose to return to Spain.
First appearance: 1998-08-25
Last appearance: 2001-03-14