Shannon Lewis/Daytona Toni's bratty, short-tempered and disrespectful 5 year old niece, and daughter of Toni's brother (as established in early June 2010). Luann used to babysit Shannon Lewis and her little cousin, Lindy, back in 1996 (she had babysat Lynda before then); however she quit due to Shannon. She reappeared as Toni's cousin according to 2008 episodes, but in June 2010 it was established that Toni's brother is her father, and thus Toni's niece. She is used to getting what she wants by whining or throwing temper tantrums, possibly due to her father ignoring his responsibilities as a father each time he leaves Toni to watch her for him. Toni's continuous duty of babysitting Shannon has unfortunately increased the lack of time Brad and Toni have to see each other, given that their schedules at their stations have kept them busy enough. Shannon seems to have a strong liking for Brad, and always looks forward to seeing him (Even though the feeling's not mutual for Brad). On Greg Evans' blog, he states that the Daytona Shannon is not the same as the Lewis Shannon, but hints that they may be related.
First Appearance: 1/8/1996