Popular and beautiful but vain and shallow cheerleader who serves as Luann's main rival. As Miss Chamber of Commerce, she also used to go by the name Sheraton St. Louis, evocative of real-lifesocialite Paris Hilton, but has gone back to her natural name. There has been hints that at one time, when both Luann and Tiffany were still in Elementary school, they used to be good friends, but that changed once they got to Junior High school. Luann and Tiffany formerly battled over the affections of Aaron Hill, but once Aaron moved to Hawaii, they found that their rivalry extended to issues beyond competition for one boy. Often, she has been seen ruining love relationships between Luann and Aaron, or Luann and Miguel, or both, either for her own amusement or to take Aaron or Miguel for herself. In March 2003, Luann and Tiffany formed a brief friendship after winning a volleyball game as a team, which shortly fell apart due to their chronic rivalry over Aaron. Tiffany used her cell phone camera to take a picture of Luann changing in the girls locker room after Luann said she was going to get Tiffany in trouble. Initially, she tried to make a deal with Luann so that they could both walk away unpunished, but when Luann would not budge, Tiffany posted the photo on the internet, embarrassing Luann. With Gunther's help, the photo showed Tiffany's reflection in Luann's locker door mirror, providing the proof of Tiffany's transgression and causing her to be suspended. In January 2008, she had her title of Miss Chamber of Commerce repealed for her role in TJ's scheme to sell meals to fire stations. In 2011 she staged a School beauty pageant thinking she would win. Her plan backfired when the judges chose Rosa. Crystal helped comfort her after the pageant by showing her the new mirrors that the pageant paid for.