Former boyfriend of Bernice Halper and owner of Monroe. Zane became paralyzed from the waist down when he was driving with his parents to a college he was going to attend, they were approaching a curve on the road, and at the same time, a truck was turning to avoid that curve, and collided with Zane's car head on. Zane was thrown from the car, and broke his spine, as well as his legs, causing his paralysis: his parents were killed instantly. It took him a year to fully rehabilitate. He was once saved by Brad in a fire at the bookstore he and Bernice worked at. He and Bernice seem to share a very close relationship; after surviving two near-death experiences. Zane realized his need to deal with the issues of his past he had been ignoring, including his sister, a decision Bernice respected knowing Zane's reluctance to express issues from the past. This also prompted Bernice to ask him to marry her though he told her to wait until they were older. Crystal seemed to be attracted to Zane in 2003 when she introduced Zane to her little brother, Josh, who, like Zane, used a wheelchair. Zane seemed to only consider Crystal a friend despite Bernice's extreme jealousy.
First Appearance: 6/27/2001